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Auto insurance is made up of different types of coverage, from collision coverage to uninsured motorist protection. These different facets of auto insurance help car, truck, RV, and other vehicle owners cover the costs associated with potential automobile accidents. However, if you’re new to buying auto insurance in Edmonton, or just aren’t sure which coverage to keep and which to disregard for your situation, it can be difficult to know how much vehicle insurance you require.

At Merit Insurance Services, our auto insurance specialists can help you sort through the different coverage types available, understand what the specifically cover, and how much coverage you should have of each. Knowing the different coverage types can help you make a better informed decision on your auto insurance purchase.

Types of Coverage Available with Auto Insurance in Edmonton

Here are some of those types of auto coverage:

Liability Vehicle Insurance

Liability insurance is a mandatory form of coverage that all drivers must have. If your vehicle has liability insurance, certain damages like property damage and medical bills related to an accident are covered if the accident “is a result of your actions.” Each province has a minimum requirement for the amount of coverage required. In Alberta, that minimum is $200,000 for liability vehicle insurance. It’s a wise idea to get coverage that is above the minimum, since any damages beyond your policy’s coverage are your responsibility if the accident is found to be your fault.

Collision Coverage

The name is self-explanatory: if you get into an accident that is covered, collision coverage will pay to fix your car. If the cost of repairing your car is greater than the car itself, it will be written off as a loss, and collision coverage will pay the value of the car. If you have an older car, collision coverage might be more trouble than it’s worth. Likewise, a new car or one with a high price tag would benefit more with the added safety of collision coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

While liability insurance and collision coverage insure against typical accidents, comprehensive coverage deals with problems that arise from other sources. If you hit a deer, a tree branch falls on your car while parked, or your car is simply stolen in the middle of the night, comprehensive coverage will cover your loss in these and similar situations.

Personal Injury Protection

Because the costs associated with an accident can very quickly add up, personal injury protection is available to help with medical expenditures. With personal injury protection, the medical bills of you and any passengers in your car will be paid regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

In the provinces of Canada, it is a legal requirement for drivers to have some form of auto insurance. In Edmonton, as with the rest of the country, there are unfortunately people who do not follow the law and drive uninsured. With this type of coverage, your damages would be covered when an accident is caused by a driver without insurance.

These are just general overviews of the different forms of protection that are most commonly used by motorists in Edmonton. For more information, or to begin shopping for vehicle insurance now, give us a call, and we will get you on your way!



Start saving on your insurance coverage today.

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