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Homeowners know the importance and the value of home insurance and even condo insurance, but what about when you don’t own the house? Don’t overlook its importance! With the purchase of renter’s insurance in Edmonton you will remain protected from unpredictable events. As a renter you don’t have the responsibility of an entire home to worry about in terms of damage or liability, and that’s a relief. But what about your belongings and your living space in the event of a disaster or serious accident? With the relatively simple act of obtaining renter’s insurance you will have the peace of mind knowing you won’t get left out in the cold.

Benefits of Renter’s Insurance to Edmonton’s Renters
Renter’s insurance can be purchased for a relatively low monthly cost, but still many renters go without it. Don’t risk the event where something goes wrong and you are left with the bill. Or worse, don’t risk being left without your essential possessions or a place to live! Renters insurance can help by:

Making sure you cover the costs of your belongings in the event of theft, fire or other destructive event. Renters insurance covers more than just the big items, like furniture, TVs and computers. It can also help you to replace pots, pans, bedding, clothes and many other household items. Often the value of your possessions is extremely substantial and worth of coverage as much as anything else.

Paying the price of temporary living arrangements if your damaged apartment is not livable. In the wake of a fire, earthquake, or flood, your place of living will inevitably need to go through some repairs. Renters insurance will help you pay for any hotel stays, restaurant meals or moving costs while your damaged apartment is being repaired.

Protecting you in case of a lawsuit from individuals injured accidentally in your space. Oftentimes, renters are responsible for any harm that comes to anything or anyone who lives in or visits their rental space. Renters insurance will help you cover the costs if someone injures themselves at your rental property.

Whether you need personal insurance protection for your rental property, Merit Insurance Services has you covered. We know you’ve worked hard to maintain your way of life, so don’t let an unforeseen event take it all away. Call us today and have your home or rental property insured. Talk to a residential insurance specialist today!



Start saving on your insurance coverage today.

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