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Start saving on your insurance coverage today.


Purchasing a condo is a massive life decision that we know is not made lightly. Your new home is not just a place to lay your head, but also an investment that needs to be protected. As a new property owner in Edmonton, condo insurance should be a high priority to ensure safety and protection while giving you some well-needed peace of mind. While insurance for the entire structure of your condominium complex is not your responsibility, you need your own insurance to cover your personal property and liability. Just like any home, you want to feel protected in the case of emergency or accident, so make sure you get the proper coverage for your new place in Edmonton. Condo insurance is essential and simple, but it requires some understanding to ensure that you are sufficiently safe and sound.

Why Should I Get Condo Insurance For My Edmonton Unit?
By getting condo insurance you automatically cover your personal property, any improvements you personally make to the condo, and coverage for loss assessments made by the condominium corporation. Accidents can happen. Perhaps someone gets injured or has their property damaged in your vicinity – condo coverage will ensure that your personal liability is covered. It’s quite simple - anything that happens within your unit is your responsibility.

Stay Covered From Whatever Life Throws At You
Quite often the insurance coverage your condominium corporation has will not cover any improvements you make after the original construction. No matter how new or old, your unit might need some improvements, even if it’s just a matter of taste! This could include anything from replacement flooring, renovating a room, adding kitchen cabinets, or refinishing of any kind. Once you have identified the exact coverage needed, you are safe to customize your condo to your heart’s content.

Without coverage, you may find yourself involved in your condo corporation’s claims involving the building itself or common areas. Often they will have their own form of insurance in place, but certain assessments may go over the policy limits. In these rare scenarios your loss assessment coverage will keep you safe. Just because it is rare, doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you!

Often to save money on premiums, condominium boards will arrange for higher deductibles ranging from $5,000 on up to $50,000. Or perhaps the board will instate bylaws to make owners individuals responsible for any damages to their units. But regardless of what decisions are made, our coverage will leave you protected in the event where the balance is not in your favour.

Whatever happens to you or whatever poses a potential risk, our brokers will make sure that you understand all the conditions and limitations of your condo insurance. Call us today and ask about the condo insurance we offer to Edmonton’s new condominium owners.

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