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No matter what kind of vehicle you have, if it has a motor and is driven on roads, it is required by law to have vehicle insurance in Edmonton. A range of vehicles traverse Edmonton’s roads each day, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, RVs, and others. They’re all eligible to be insured as vehicles. Not only are there different types of vehicles that can be insured, but there are different levels of insurance coverage that you can get for your vehicle. These different levels of coverage guarantee protection for different kinds of damage that can be sustained in an accident.

Vehicle Insurance in Edmonton – What You Should Know

When it comes to vehicle insurance in Edmonton, experts often say to buy as much insurance as you can afford. That’s why at Merit Insurance Services, we want to get you the best rate and coverage to be sure you aren’t overpaying for your insurance. We even offer student discounts on our insurance coverage. To help save you even more, here are things you need to know about vehicle insurance in Edmonton:

  • Maintain a good driving record history. Insurance companies base your premium rate on how well you avoid getting into accidents and convictions.
  • Shop around and request quotes online. Don’t choose the first auto and vehicle insurance provider you see.
  • Do not rely on your broker to shop the entire market for the lowest rate available as a broker can only provide quotes from the four or five insurance companies the broker represents.
  • Do not rely on your insurance company agent to find you the lowest rate either as an insurance company agent can only provide you with a rate from the one company the agent represents.
  • Always insure all of your vehicles with the same provider as discounts are offered for multi-vehicle plans.
  • Ask about discounts for purchasing multiple policies. Most insurance companies offer discounts to clients who purchase both home and auto insurance through them.
  • Check to see if your insurance company offers accident forgiveness coverage. It can protect your driving record and rate increases if there’s an at-fault loss.
  • If you have been with an insurance company long enough, see if you get a loyalty discount that’s better than the current rates out there.
  • If you can afford a higher out-of-pocket deductible in the event that something happens to your car, choose to raise your deductible. This will drop your insurance premiums.
  • Review your coverage to make sure it covers what you need it to.
  • If you drive an older car that is worth the same or less than your deductible, it may be a good idea to drop your collision coverage and put the savings away for the purchase of a new car.
  • Choose new vehicles wisely. Some makes and models come with higher risks which lead to higher insurance premiums. Be sure to consider this when choosing a new car to purchase.
  • Complete an accredited driver’s education course if you are a new driver. Though the course will cost you money initially, it will save you money on your insurance premiums.

Talk to Merit Insurance Services

As you can see, there are many things to consider when purchasing vehicle insurance in Edmonton. It is best to talk with your insurance agent before making any vehicle purchase. An agent can help you decide on the best plan for you. For great rates and great advice on insurance talk to a vehicle insurance specialist today!



Start saving on your insurance coverage today.

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